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Hi! My name is Jamilla.  I am so happy you made it into my life.  I hope you are doing well but if you’re not ..then you came to the right place . I am A Self Discovery Coach & I love to inspire you to live a better, more fulfilling lifestyle. I love to create things that make you feel better. I am a wife, mother and a Pug Mom!

My goals in life are to help the masses through self discovery& inspiration. . I know if you can locate  your gifts and talents you can live a happier life.

I created a self discovery course to ignite that little bit of fire inside you that you didn’t know you had left. You can find it here ⬇️

As a side note you can find some immediate relief with a guidance reading .

With my guidance readings you can discover the truth only your subconscious knows and bring them forth and start living your destiny and life purpose.

For a reading please message me directly on Facebook at jamilla gives guidance



Blogger & Life Coach

I’m Jamilla, a self-discovery coach and printable fanatic. This is my little corner of the world where I can share my thoughts and printables with you.


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